The Peaceful Planet

japan - september 2007

вернуться в галерею
Yes, it really is that HUGE.
With our host, Rae Chandran.

A beautiful and sacred temple.
With our hosts,
Rae and Naomi Chandran
A place to give back unsatisfactory
predictions and fortunes.

My name in "kenji" characters.
Visiting a Japanese garden.
With Dr. Masaru Emoto.


Exploring an ancient tunnel.
Our local chaperone Kat
and her way cute car!
New friends.

Time out for a walk in a local town.
A shrine made of gold.
Awesome carving.

Small statues are offerings to protect & guide children.

Dedications to lost and
miscarried babies
This temple is all about children.
A moment of purification before
entering the temple grounds

A profound and touching moment.
Too beautiful for words.
Incense burner for the shrine.